my birthday weekend in miami

miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-1a couple of weeks ago, we flew to miami for a weekend with my mum. i was so looking forward to it. but to be honest, it was harder than i expected. julia was very clingy, and i felt like i didn’t have a break – it was way harder to be away from our routine at home. but she was not herself and something was definitely bothering her, either it was because we were not in our environment, or because we were a family of 4 instead of 3 or because she had no idea if we were coming back to her home.

so we tried to plan things around activities that would help her get distracted and entertained. these were the 3 fun things we did with our toddler in miami, and she enjoyed –


THE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM – we spent a whole morning here, such a great find! there were loads of activities for kids, art workshops and fun exhibits. we had never been to a museum with julia before, she seemed too young to enjoy, and although most activities were geared for kids older than her, it was fun to see her running around trying to participate and interacting with other kids. we specially liked the sketch aquarium  – where kids can draw a sea creature, scan it and then see their drawing swimming in the aquarium. miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-8 miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-9


by the end, julia was due for a good nap!


WYNWOOD – our new favorite neighbourhood. miami can feel very touristy, mostly if you’re thinking south beach, so you kind of have to explore around to experience some more local areas. we specially like the design district, but mostly because its where we go for our favorite restaurants (this ones). wynwood is just next to it and this time around we got to spend some time there

miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-23julia ran around and we played hide and seek at the wynwood wall’s, where there’s a bunch of other amazing graffitis, a super cute restaurant, wynwood kitchen and bar and the coolest juice bar i have ever seen, had two things on my mind i wanted to see 1) vhil’s graffiti, a portuguese artist who focuses on wall carving, as he says, the art of destroying to create. i’m totally obsessed with all his work, and so proud that he’s portuguese 2) panther coffee, a miami based speciality roaster, because i’m a sucker for a good cappuccino, it was so good, we went there every morning for coffee.
miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-22 miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-21

there’s loads of scriptures on the floor around the area, plus, how cool are these colorful crosswalks?

miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-19 miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-20

we also made a pit stop at the warby parker store in wynwood and treated ourselves to a new pair of sunglasses. the store is trendy and minimal, not only they have a great variety of styles, but the staff is so friendly and helpful.

miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-5THE EVERGLADES – have been on our miami bucket list for a while, and we finally made it. we drove to the everglades safari park (40min from south beach, since we didn’t want a long drive), and took a group airboat ride. i was a bit skeptical at first, wether julia would enjoy it or not, and although we saw loads of alligators, they are so quiet and discreet, that i don’t think she even noticed them. but she did love the airboat ride, it’s fast and noisy and fun. and she was fascinated by all the birds we saw on the ride, she’s into birds these days!miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-2miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-4miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-11other than alligator, julia had her first sushi lunch and loved, this little munchkin is so stubborn she will never let me help, she tries so hard to do exactly what we do. i’m glad she’s a fan now, it means we can go girls sushi dinners soon!

miami-with-a-toddler-by-myseastory-24 miami-with-a-toddlre-by-myseastory-23on our last day we had mother’s day brunch with friends at the raleigh, we really like it there, it’s my favorite hotel in miami. the setting is lush and calm and beautiful, the hotel is a very well maintained art deco, and the food is by michael schwartz, whose food we love.

we hope, on our next trips to miami, to find more fun things to do with her, as she grows and gets  stimulated with different activities.

ps – other travel adventures

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