le comptoir français / providenciales

le-comptoir-français-by-myseastoryif you live on island or have visited at least once, you surely have been to le bouchon du village, the french bistro located at the regent village. well, good news is le comptoir français, le bouchon’s “youngest brother”, has now opened just next door, and its perfect to grab something to go or to stock up on treats. Continue reading

a few new food spots in provo

it’s the first weekend in january and we’re excited to try out a few new places on island, like 1) LE BOUCHON DU VILLAGE, open for lunch and dinner, the new french bistro opened last week, it has an amazing atmosphere and i hear the steak au poivre is amazing. 2) BUGALOO’S CONCH CRAWL, the new local food restaurant by the beach in five cays, the setting is beautiful, opened late last year. 3) LUPO, the new italian i can’t wait to try for their pizza, due to open next week. 4) STIX, the new grace bay club’s pop up bar by the beach.

i was talking to a friend and telling her how lucky i am that since we moved on island so many new places have opened. since i love food and eating out so much, having restaurant choices is really important for me – what can i say!

happy weekend!!

ps.  i took this picture of a turtle “popping-up” at the turtle cove marina, on this day.