le comptoir français / providenciales

le-comptoir-français-by-myseastoryif you live on island or have visited at least once, you surely have been to le bouchon du village, the french bistro located at the regent village. well, good news is le comptoir français, le bouchon’s “youngest brother”, has now opened just next door, and its perfect to grab something to go or to stock up on treats.

le-comptoir-francai-by-myseastory-3the minute you get through the door, there is this amazing smell of spices, cheese and wine… you can find all the goodies you would find in a european gourmet store – wine, home made pates, delicious pastries, freshly baked bread to name a few.

le-comptoir-francais-by-myseastory-2a couple of week ago, james and i stopped by to check it out and grab a sandwich to go. when we first moved on island we used to get sandwiches from their previous location – julien’s deli, at the caicos plaza – at least once a week. my favourite is the parma ham and parmesan cheese one!

le-comptoir-francai-by-myseastory-4for more info, check their facebook page – le comptoir français

ps – more places to eat in turks and caicos

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