art and craft expo

arts-and-craft-expo tci

earlier this month we had the 3rd annual art and craft expo at the turtle cove marina – it was the first time i went so i didn’t really know what to expect.


i was so impressed with the variety of crafts that day – from purses (love these), painting, dolls, hats, jewelry and more. with limited access to materials here on island, locals and residents really showed how to get creative.arts-and-craft-expo-tci

these were my favourite, made by a haitian lady who lives in middle caicos. there are many hatians living on island, and they are so artististic. if you are visiting you should check out their local market near the small IGA, i bought a huge painting from there last year – it’s on the wall in our kitchen and i love it!

arts-and-crafts-expo-tcithe art and craft was organized by the Turks and Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation – join them on facebook to know more about other events in turks and caicos.

EDIT – there will be a christmas craft fair this sunday at the IGA Gourmet – see details here

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