food for thought in turks and caicos

myseastory---food-for-thought-1there’s definitely a lack of healthy food options here in provo, so i tried melissa’s food for thought lunches over the course of a week. it’s genius – on friday she sends out lunch and dinner menus for the following week. and then every day we can pick up our meals at green bean or big al’s. not only did i feel great for eating healthy, but it was also nice not having to cook lunch.

here’s a recap of my five days food for thought lunches –


everything was incredible, but the one i liked the most was the lentil soup and that fritter! and then the frittata tasted like a really nice friday treat.

myseastory---food-for-thought-4 myseastory---food-for-thought-5

the meals were delicious and so different, it was great not having to pay a fortune to eat unhealthy food in restaurants – and yes, i have ordered again for this week.

if you would like to try – lunch is $12 and dinner is 16$ –  you can contact melissa at

ps – places to eat in turks & caicos

5 thoughts on “food for thought in turks and caicos

  1. Wow this food looks amazing! I’m coming over for a week at Christmas so I’ll definitely see what days Melissa is catering then. I love healthy food but it requires a lot of ingredients that won’t work our cost effective for a week. Thanks :-)

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