our wedding anniversary weekend

my-sea-story-parrot-cay-1i know i’ve posted about parrot cay before but i don’t think i will ever get tired of visiting this beautiful island – we are so lucky to be a 20 minute boat ride away, and every reason to celebrate, we’re there!

so a couple of weeks ago, james and i went for the weekend, with the excuse of celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, and we brought julia with us, of course ;) we were also visiting my cousin, who’s been living on the island for the past year and a half, and sadly will be leaving soon.

my-sea-story-parrot-cay-2arriving saturday morning and leaving sunday afternoon, it was a great break from provo. we were lucky to get a beach villa so we chilled at the beach and our pool all day long. julia was just starting to crawl, with the wooden floors, it was the perfect place to practice – swimming, napping, chilling and good food (and strolling, a new favorite verb) – just perfect!

i’d love to share a few photos if you’d like to see


we had the cutest mini pool i’ve ever seen.my-sea-story-parrot-cay-3my-sea-story-parrot-cay-5my-sea-story-parrot-cay-8it was so nice to scroll around the property, the landscape is amazing there.

i had the best corn hotcakes with salmon and cottage cheese, for breakfast – how could i’ve had missed them before?my-sea-story-parrot-cay-10my-sea-story-parrot-cay-18my-sea-story-parrot-cay-16

julia got to practice her portuguese baby talk.my-sea-story-parrot-cay-6my-sea-story-parrot-cay-12

on our first day it was raining, so we got to spend some time indoors, which was really nice by the way.my-sea-story-parrot-cay-14

the baby bjorn is definitely her favorite transportation method, it always gets her in a good mood!my-sea-story-parrot-cay-20

there are no cars on island, only buggies, and of course julia loved riding in the back.


see you soon, parrot cay!

ps – julia’s first visit to parrot cay, my baby moon with friends at parrot cay and our first stay at parrot cay 2 years ago.

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