my life in turks and caicos…with a baby


when i went home to portugal this summer, i got asked a lot of questions about my life with julia here on island. she was very clingy during our first days in portugal and my friends and family just assumed it was because she wasn’t used to socializing with a lot of people – you must be home with her all day – they said. little did they know… to help me with the baby blues, i was out all the time, so julia got used to coming with me for coffee with friends, baby groups and mid week lunches with james.

here are a few things that i like and don’t like about living in turks and caicos with a baby


on our first week back on island, julia was 7 weeks old

things i like

  • we go for walks on the beach later afternoon
  • we meet at the pool with our favorite neighbour friends
  • we stroll to our favorite coffee shop
  • we have weekly baby group – with babies who will eventually be in class with her
  • we have james joining us for lunch at home everyday
  • occasionally we go for a mid week dip in the water at grace bay beach
  • julia can dress very casually, usually with a onesie or dress – no need for sweater or any layers
  • she never wears shoes either, i actually might get into trouble when she needs to get used to them
  • everything is close by – once we were out for lunch and realized i had forgotten her bottle, so james just quickly came home to pick it up and he got back before the food was on the table
  • there is no pollution on island
  • it’s never cold here, so julia has never been sick
  • there are so many babies son island and an amazing expat community to help each other

a sunset walk at grace bay beach , julia was almost 2 months old

and the things i don’t like

  • the sun is very hot so we can’t really be out all day – it was harder the first months when julia was newborn and i couldn’t put any sunscreen on her
  • there are too many mosquitoes and it’s way too hard to keep them away all the time, julia is always getting bitten :(
  • we can’t buy all the baby stuff on island, so we actually have to plan and buy what we need evvery time we leave the island (we can find the most important things at IGA supermarket or at the baby store downtown, but for a much higher cost. we also get a lot of hand me downs from friends and can get a lot of second hand stuff on a facebook group ‘tci seller of children’s stuff’)
  • there are no parks, we would love to have a park with a big grass lawn (and a shade) to hang out
  • it’s sometimes very hard to be away from our family and that they can’t participate in julia’s daily life

and a video of julia at the beach when she was 3 months old

for you turks and caicos mums out there, what are the things you liked and didn’t like about living here with your babies? i would love to hear!

ps – more on turks & caicos and 10 things i love and don’t love about turks & caicos

11 thoughts on “my life in turks and caicos…with a baby

  1. I don’t know when I have enjoyed a post more.When I saw those precious feet I just had to smile! I am home and would love to see you two. Xo,Deb

  2. Hello,
    In your post, you mentioned a weekly baby group that you went to- is this open to anyone? I am going to T&C for a the month of November with my husband and 8 month year old, and I would love to have a baby group to drop-in on!

  3. Hello,

    We will be visiting in July with our 2 year old and 10 month old (yes…I’m exhausted! LOL). We are tying to choose a location to find a rental and we are drawn to two houses. One on Grace Bay Beach (not my favorite house, but beach is supposed to be amazing) and one house on Long Bay Beach. We love the Long Bay house, but have heard it’s windy and the water is choppy, however Travel Channel and Frommers state its blocked and serene. I was wondering since you are a mommy would you think the water at Long Bay would be unsafe for a toddler? I appreciate your input!

    Kind Regards,


  4. Hi, do you still live there and how are you finding it now with a 5 year old? We are enquiring about moving here and will have a baby and a 3 year old

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