my 10 favourite dinners to make at home

cooking-by-myseastoryusually by the time james gets home, after bathing and feeding julia, i’m so tired, i have little to no energy to prepare a sophisticated dinner. sometimes i will try something new, and if its tasty and quick, will add it to our list of go to basic meals to make at home. i keep this list on our fridge door, and will have a look in the morning to make sure we have ingredients at home for that night. here are our go to meals, that we’ve made a million times at home – would love to hear what are yours!

lentils(pictured above) we bring in our portuguese choriço for this dish

mushroom barley soup served with lots of parmesan cheese

fish pie – i usually make it with salmon and leeks, its so versatile

baked orzo with eggplant and mozzarella – could eat this every day

chicken in milk – sometimes i make only drumsticks, still delicious and cooks faster

pasta with bacon and leeks – this must’ve been the first quick recipe i learned and different to the usual pasta taste combinations

portuguese style green peas – add lots of parsley

minestrone soup – delicious with warm baguette

salmon wraps – this one is so easy, we do it in the bbq with lots of dill

meatballs – because james needs some meat once in a while

what are your go to meals, would love to hear?

ps – for lunch i usually treat myself to this

2 thoughts on “my 10 favourite dinners to make at home

  1. Adorei! We share the same.. After 8pm there’s no more energy!
    I usually made the preparations when we came back from the market and while we are storing and wekeep it in the fridge this ‘mise en place’ so when I cook it it’s easy (specially if you have a nice blender).
    Gazpacho, beetroot soup with ricotta, quiche, a good bolognese with or without pasta, quinoa salad with leek tomato and bellpeppers.
    It helps a lot if you don’t seat down after putting the kids to bed!!!
    That’s my rotine :)

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