guest post ~ luz

my sweet, sweet friend Luz (Luz means light in english, doesn’t she have the coolest name?) came to visit last month, and i couldn’t be happier to have her around for a whole week, to share my life in provo with her and have than enough time to catch up! we took her out to our favourite beaches and restaurants, and asked her to share her opinion on provo.

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special –

  • The nice temperature, day and night
  • The beautiful wild beaches and conch
  • The silence that I so much wished for
  • Everybody saying “Hi” everywhere, every time
  • A sand on the beach that doesn’t burn our feet
  • The gorgeous bougainvillea everywhere

what were your favourite things to do whilst on island –

would you recommend to a friend – Certainly!

thank you, Light, for guest posting on myseastory!

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first picture by me during Luz visit, all other pictures by Luz.

One thought on “guest post ~ luz

  1. It was great showing a bit of the island to a new fan. We knew Luz wanted peace and quiet and hoped she found it!

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