lemon 2go coffee / providenciales

i have a new addiction in provo – and it’s the cappuccino from lemon2go coffee.

i know you would think that living by the beach and in the heat of turks and caicos i would be addicted to rum punch or margaritas.

i seriously have to stop myself from stopping by for a cappuccino every day – the quality of the coffee is amazing (forty ninth parallel) and the cappuccino is perfectly prepared every-single-time.

they have other coffee options, like iced lattes and frapuccinos – check their facebook page for their daily inspiration.

the setting is gorgeous, they have, not only, the best cappuccino on island, but they also sell the most beautiful flowers. i love every time i come in, the shop is packed with flowers, candles and soaps, amongst other temptations – i want to buy them all!it’s my definitely my favorite coffee spot and oh so miss it when i’m off island!the shop is located on grace bay road, in front of salt mills, call them on 1 (649) 941-4487 or check their Facebook page and their website.

thanks to simone for graciously posing for the pictures :)

more foodie spots on island here

10 thoughts on “lemon 2go coffee / providenciales

  1. This cafe is amazing. Combines 2 of my favorite things too. Flowers and coffee – beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    I haven’t had the chance to check out your blog lately. I was surprised by your new design. I love it! Looks so good :)

  2. This is the BEST idea! I wish I knew of this place when we stayed here just down the street. Love this shop and I’d love to open my own here in the states!

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