happy kings’ day

it’s our first weekend back, so we are planning to have a quiet one. in the meantime i daydream of my vacation destinations for this year, and i am hoping for two on this list – new york times 45 places to go in 2012 – havana in cuba and samana in dominican republic.

by the way, last week i was featured at sunshine girl, so if you haven’t seen it yet go right HERE.

wishing you a happy king’s day and have a great weekend!

the weather is warm and i am loving the looks of the sky!

blogshop mondays / island girl

Hi there! Ranu from sunshine girl guest posting for Joana today! I’m thrilled J asked me to be a part of her guest posting series, I think her blog is pretty sweet (and so is the latest place she calls home—Turks and Caicos, also known as…paradise).

Speaking of paradise, I find that I’m always drawn to images with a beach or island setting. I have to admit that I’m a beach lover at heart, so the fact that J’s blog has to do with sea, sand and sun is a perfect fit for me. I wanted to share a gorgeous editorial shoot today that features Anja Rubik, one of my favorite models, in a beautiful beach setting. This series of photos has stuck with me since the day I discovered them, and I always use them as a source of inspiration. There’s amazing fashion, and Anja looks so beautiful, using flowers and ferns as accessories, and so natural too. A true island girl at heart.

I hope you’ll find the photos as inspiring as I do! And thanks J, for asking me to guest blog!