i love this city

lisboaa week in lisbon was definitely too short, i always end up having a lot of chores, like meeting my accountant, going to the dentist, laundry, seamstress…doing all sorts of things we don’t have on island. so it gave me little extra time to see my family and closest friends.

still, it is always worth it, and being in the city itself fills me with energy – so i tried to absorve all of the good things i miss about lisbon – riding on the tram, walking on the sidewalks (called calçadas, they are the most beautiful sidewalks on earth!!), looking at the tiles (azulejos in portuguese) and admiring the views to the tagus river!

i-love-this-city-2 i-love-this-city-3



the food is always an important component too, and although i always go for fresh fish, shellfish, portuguese pastries, and sushi – there is one favourite spot my portuguese friends know i have to go to – casanova.i-love-this-city-6

i-love-this-city-7it is owned by an italian and located by the river. i’ve been coming here since they opened in 2000, and they have the best pizzas on earth – yes, i feel confident saying it! i like so many of them that i usually order half and half – the casanova, the funghi or the pesto. i love their starters too – the scamorza affumicata, the bresaola, the bruschettas…the home made iced tea is unbeatable, although sometimes i go for the prosecco. and to finish off the panacotta is delicious and light – i know, not in calories though.

oh, life would be so much easier if i had casanova in turks and caicos….

it’s always packed, so it is best to go in between meals.


ps – you can see other posts from my previous trips to PORTUGAL.

a little update

hey friends – i know i’ve been a little switched off from my myseastory, but believe me, it’s been hard and i miss it! if you’ve been following my pictures on instagram, you know that i’ve been traveling back and forth from lisbon to the north of portugal, where our wedding is taking place, in just three days!

i’ve had a gazillion things to do, since, even though we are planning a small wedding, it will take place in our family home. plus, catching up with family and friends, whom i haven’t seen since the last time i was in portugal.

the one thing that has helped me relax on my breaks is pinterest – logging on and pinning away has helped me forget any obstacles and stressful moments. some of you might think it’s kind of creepy, but it really helped me switch off from the bride mode and live some inspirational moments.

i am finally in the north of portugal now, the list of things to do is almost empty, james is on his way and so is my family and some friends. i really look forward to friday, seeing james after a month and a half, and enjoying the weekend with those who are closest to us.

ps – i thought i’d share a few images of my days in portugal, head over to facebook if you would like to see some more.

lot’s a fish in the sea

i’m a huge fan of portuguese brand jose gourmet – not only their branding is amazingly cool, but their products are delicious too.

canned sea food in olive oil is a big thing in portugal. the last time i went back home, i went to sol e pesca, a bar where you can have a glass of green wine with your choice of can and a basket of bread – the perfect appetizer before dinner!

my favorite were jose gourmet’ventrusca tuna fish and the trout fillets in escabeche – lucky me, i brought a few over last time i came from lisbon.

pasteis de belem / lisboa

first thing you should do if you’re visiting lisbon, is emerging in real portuguese culture and head to this spot for your sweet fix!

pasteis de belem was established in 1837 and they sell about 20 000 pasteis de nata – portuguese custard tarts – a day!

this place is always packed, with locals and tourists, but the line is quick and so worth the wait.

you can find them in pastry shops all over the country, but these ones are my favourites – i crave them all the time! some like them with powdered sugar, i like them with cinnamon. and some like them with both.

Pasteis de Belém

Rua de Belem 84

1300 Lisboa