lot’s a fish in the sea

i’m a huge fan of portuguese brand jose gourmet – not only their branding is amazingly cool, but their products are delicious too.

canned sea food in olive oil is a big thing in portugal. the last time i went back home, i went to sol e pesca, a bar where you can have a glass of green wine with your choice of can and a basket of bread – the perfect appetizer before dinner!

my favorite were jose gourmet’ventrusca tuna fish and the trout fillets in escabeche – lucky me, i brought a few over last time i came from lisbon.

One thought on “lot’s a fish in the sea

  1. You got to appreciate the good taste here. Once you’ve had tuna from these cans or others of similar quality, you will never again want to eat american starkist or bumble bee. They are just crap…..

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