pasteis de belem / lisboa

first thing you should do if you’re visiting lisbon, is emerging in real portuguese culture and head to this spot for your sweet fix!

pasteis de belem was established in 1837 and they sell about 20 000 pasteis de nata – portuguese custard tarts – a day!

this place is always packed, with locals and tourists, but the line is quick and so worth the wait.

you can find them in pastry shops all over the country, but these ones are my favourites – i crave them all the time! some like them with powdered sugar, i like them with cinnamon. and some like them with both.

Pasteis de Belém

Rua de Belem 84

1300 Lisboa

3 thoughts on “pasteis de belem / lisboa

  1. These are THE BEST. I might just sneak out to have a dozen all by myself, since I’m depressed without my big sister :'( snif snif

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