family weekend in new york

myseastory-in-new-york-24in september, james and i took julia to new york for the first time. it’s becoming a tradition now, going for a long weekend during this time of the year, since it’s typically quiet, and we were in a much needed break off island.

we were also visiting james’ brothers who hadn’t met julia yet, and his mum who was visiting from california. we tried to pack a little bit of everything in 3 days and find the right balance –  family time + enjoying the city with julia. Continue reading



myseastory-in-stockholm-29after copenhagen, we spent another 4 days in stockholm before going back to lisbon – we had such a wonderful experience. by this time, julia was already on our “vacation schedule” – all day out sightseeing, morning nap in the stroller and afternoon nap at the hotel before heading out for early dinner – she was such a trooper! Continue reading


my-sea-story-2this summer we went to portugal for a few weeks, we were mainly going for my brother’s wedding, to catch up with family and friends whom we miss so much, and hadn’t seen julia since she was a newborn. we always love going home to portugal, but it doesn’t really feel like we are going on a trip together. so we also wanted to go somewhere new,  a short flight away from portugal, easy to bring julia with us – and of course, we weren’t really looking for a beach destination.

my-sea-story-33we decided on copenhagen and stockholm, both child friendly cities, plus, it wouldn’t be too hot. we stayed in copenhagen for three night and picked an hotel in indre by, so we could easily stroll to nearby coffee shops and restaurants. Continue reading


myseastory in miamiafter spending two amazing months in portugal, for julia’s delivery and first month, surrounded by family and friends, it was time to head back home in provo and introduce julia to the caribbean weather. james missed julia terribly, and i dreaded the trip back home by myself, well, with julia. but we decided it was the best thing to do, and we would meet in miami for a short break…and start practicing for future baby trips!

myseastory in miami

myseastory-2myseastory-3we spent two nights at the newly opened metropolitan by como hotel in miami beach, where we felt so welcomed, everyone was really friendly with our baby and they made us feel  so comfortable. since it was our first trip with julia we took it easy, we spent a lot of time at the hotel, had long and delicious breakfasts at the hotel’s restaurant traymore, and had early nights ordering room service for dinner.

myseastory in miami myseastory in miami

our breakfast favorites were this delicious toast with avocado, cucumber and tomatoes, and the eggs benedict with salmon.

myseastory in miamithe pubbelly taco pop up restaurant, where we had corn, mushroom and truffle quesadilla and the best tacos in miami. myseastory in miamimyseastory in miamiduring the day we strolled down lincoln road, ran a few errands – hummm… hello trader joe’s and target – had lunch at the pubbelly taco pop up restaurant, stopped for miami’s best cappuccino at panther coffee, and introduced julia to our favorite pizza stop in the design district – harry’s pizza.

myseastory in miami


myseastory in miamifor our first baby get away, we had a lot of fun, our weekends in miami will never be the same, but we realized that because we have a baby, we don’t need to stop doing what we love, we just need to adapt, be patient and aware of our baby daughter’s needs. i was so glad we made this trial, now we can start thinking of our next trips with her!

myseastory in miami

happy new year + 1 month to go

myseastoryhappy new year friends – i know this hasn’t been a very good blogging one… 2013 has given us a lot of happiness, challenges and fun adventures. we can’t wait for the year to come, sharing our life in provo with our baby girl and hopefully having lots of family and friends visiting us too!

myseastoryhere’s a little update of my bump from our last days in provo. i have only one month to go – still can’t believe how fast my pregnancy has gone! i am so excited to share these last weeks with my family and portuguese friends, and hope james makes it on time for the delivery in the end of january :)

thank you, ileana, for the pics!