his dive story

June is nesting season for sea turtles. We didn’t know this when we arrived in Tulum and the hotel staff kindly informed us that we should venture out at night to see the giant turtles nesting. I knew Joana loooooves turtles as she always wanted to see my dive videos and pics of turtles. It was our last night in Tulum and we decided to go for a walk looking for them. I had my bright dive torch with me. At first, we were thinking yeah, no way man that we will be so lucky to see turtles….

It was about 15 min. into our walk in the pitch dark when I spotted a large dark hump on the sand with my torch (I didn’t want to flash the bright torch too much as it will scare away the turtles who are planning to beach). I knew immediately that it was a turtle and we followed her as she struggled to move her large body forward on the sand searching for the right spot to lay her eggs.

Then we saw another one as she was leaving for the beach. These turtles always come back to the same locations to lay their eggs and with all the resort developments up and down the coast, some will not have the chance to lay their eggs and will be force to lay them in the sea where they will be eaten by fishes. Sad but a reality…

Conservation groups are helping identify locations and are trying to protect or at least safeguard the eggs until they hatch. It was a really magical night and one that I will always remember. The next day, we went out to retrace our steps to see where the eggs were laid. You can see loads of turtle tracks everywhere on the beach. Enjoy!

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– James

his dive story

Well, I had another great dive this past Sunday at Northwest Point. Lately, I have been diving with Sarah, an instructor, who is coming out on Sundays for recreational diving only.

Funny enough we both are practicing taking photos with our cameras and strobe and learning as we go. I discovered that I could actually add more red to my underwater pics by adjusting the WB which I am only discovering now after 3 years! Anyway, enjoy the turtle, lobster and the shark. I am compiling some macro pics for next week!

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undersea explorer

every time we have friends and family coming over to visit, we really make an effort to think out of the box and live like a tourist during their stay.

my friend sally recommended we try the undersea explorer – since my mum and i weren’t going diving, this was the perfect plan to get to see a little more of the undersea life.

the undersea explorer is a small semi submarine, it took us on a tour, of just over 45 minutes,  and we saw all kinds of fish, schools, beautiful corals and turtles too. yes, i finally got to see them, loads of turtles!

to book the undersea explorer call 649 231 0006, it costs $55 adult / $40 child and it leaves from the turtle cove marina. if you have kids, you have to try it out!

happy weekend

happy friday friends, what have you planned for this weekend? i have exciting plans for the weeks ahead… promise to keep you posted.

in the meantime i wanted to share this picture my friend L took when spotting this cutie at the turtle cove marina, very close to home. i start thinking i’m the only one on this island who’s never seen a turtle! by the way, i find it amazing how clean the marinas are in provo, and just hope they are kept this way.

his dive story…

Joana LOVES sea turtles and I am always in the look out for them in all my dives…a fav of TCI are the hawksbill sea turtles and I dive with Provo Turtle Divers, that is just a walk away from where we live…hawksbill sea turtles are beautiful creatures and this one was feeding and  didn’t care that I was next to it…they feed mostly on a huge variety of sea sponges found in the caribbean…u got to love them!