happy weekend

happy friday friends, what have you planned for this weekend? i have exciting plans for the weeks ahead… promise to keep you posted.

in the meantime i wanted to share this picture my friend L took when spotting this cutie at the turtle cove marina, very close to home. i start thinking i’m the only one on this island who’s never seen a turtle! by the way, i find it amazing how clean the marinas are in provo, and just hope they are kept this way.

5 thoughts on “happy weekend

  1. Hello there! :) I found your blog today. You’re living in an AMAZING place – that’s in complete contrast with the concrete jungle, where I am. Love your blog, love the photos, I’ve subscribed and am looking forward to more entries! x Jade

  2. Olá!
    Descobri este blog lindo e encantador através de uma prima sua, Inês Vaz Pinto (filha da Zé e do Luis).
    Não sou Vaz Pinto, passei a ser quando casei com o Bernardo (Nano) filho da Margarida e do Rui há 20 anos.
    Um bem haja grande por partilhar estas belezas do outro lado do mundo.
    Ana Rita Seabra

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