a couple of weeks ago, when we went to chinson‘s for take away, there was a kid selling guineps – i had no idea what it was. i always get so curious for new and local flavours, so we bought a bag.

it tastes deliciously like a lychee, but with a more citric flavour – yummm!

guinep, spanish lime or mamoncillo!

i did have a hard time remembering the name, but finally did some research on it, this is what i found out.

chinson pastries and deli

last weekend, whilst we were moving, and were not really in the mood for cooking until our home was in order, we went to chinson’s for take away.

the menu is jamaican chinese, but we mostly like going on fridays and saturdays for their caribbean bbq.

it’s the perfect place for a casual dinner, listening to caribbean music and having a cold beer. the jerk pork and chicken are really good – and if you are a local foodie kind of guy/gal, you should definitely try their goat soup!

oh, and we do like going by on weekends to get some fresh bread or ginger bread.

take away in provo

are you a take away fan?

last week we had indian from garam masala, thai from thai orchid and jerk chicken from chinson’s – sadly i’m not a big fan of any pizza or sushi place in the island, my all time take away favourites…

james, who is a real take away specialist, loves the hamburger from fresh, the cracked conch from the market place and the fried chicken from sweet t’s.

my favourite lunch take away in provo since day one, are the salads from green bean.

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