dolphins in turks and caicos

i’m all about keeping this blog on the positive side, and try to show all the amazing and beautiful things that the turks and caicos islands have to offer, wether you live here or come to visit. but today i would like to share something that i am not so proud of.

recently our governor has approved for a turks and caicos dolphin cove to open in 2013, keeping them in captivity as a tourist attraction. this goes all against what turks and caicos represents, beautiful by nature.

if you have visited turks and caicos for the last 25 years, you have definitely heard of jo jo (he has his own facebook page!), a friendly bottlenose dolphin who loves to swim with tourists and residents near the beaches in provo. i truly believe in the island’s natural beauty represented by jo jo, and that dolphins should be kept in the wild.

if you would like to help and sign the petition to stop the development of dolphin attraction in turks and caicos – click here

for more information on this visit no 2 caged dolphins in turks and caicos on facebook and read the open letter to governor ric todd from turks and caicos goodwill ambassador tanya streeter on the turks and caicos sun newspaper.

thanks catherine for the gorgeous picture of jo jo and friends!