5 things on turks and caicos

5Things_TC-700x944hey friends, i’m over at hither & thither today, sharing a few of my favorite things about turks and caicos.

ashley is the freelance writer and blogger behind hither & thither, a lifestyle and travel blog based in davis, in northern california. in her 5 things series, she asks bloggers in different cities to share what they’d do with a visiting friend to best show off what their area has to offer. also, check out her home tour at a cup of jo, it’s pretty amazing!

julia 33 / 52

julia-3352julia at 19 months –  our favorite coffee dates at lemon 2 go, where she gets spoilt rotten with attention. she brings toy, her favorite pet, for a walk.. i’ll ask her if she wants to go to the coffee shop and she’ll reply “chá” (which means tea in portuguese), coffee seams so much harder to say, so tea works fine ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

on instagram lately / 09

august-instagram-by-myseastoryoops, i’ve been totally slacking on these instagram lately posts, too bad because i actually really enjoy posting these, and looking back at the past month.

august was hectic, and fun. the first couple of weeks we were in lisbon, had a lot of family time but some great mom-daughter time too, which i really missed. then we flew back to provo with my mum, with the usual pitch stop in miami, and got to enjoy her for a few days here on island.

this is a very tricky time of the year in provo, most families come back from vacation and are getting ready to go back to school this week. at the same time, most restaurants and stores close for the month of september, if not longer, so the island becomes very quiet.

some news

some-news-by-myseastoryso here’s the news, friends, we’re moving. yeap, i can’t quite believe it yet, but in exactly one month, we’ll be flying (with looooot’s of luggage) to new orleans, where we’ll settle down and james will be pursuing a new job. remember this post from 2 years ago, well it’s not april fool’s today, it’s for real.

it goes without saying that we’re super sad to leave turks and caicos, our home on the beach, the amazing friends we made and the unbelievable quality of life we’ve had here. we feel very lucky for the chance to have lived in this paradise looking island for the past 4 years.

but we’re excited too, for james’ new job, to experience city life again, and to see what nola has to offer, even more now that it’s been 10 years since katrina, and the city is booming with creativity and opportunities. they say new orleans is the most caribbean and european city in america – it sounds like a good combo to me.

we can’t wait to start exploring the big easy, and hope you continue to follow along our adventures. in the meantime, there’s a few more posts on turks and caicos i can’t wait to share, and of course i’ll be making the most of our last month on island – lot’s of vitamin sea for us before we go. and if you have any tips for surviving a move with a toddler, i’d love to hear!

julia 32 / 52

julia-3252julia at 19 months –  the day we expected tropical storm erika (hum… is she posing?), not the best day for the beach, but no rain either, just a lot of prepping beforehand  ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter