when to travel to turks and caicos

myseastoryi often get asked this question – what is the best time of the year to travel to turks and caicos – by family and friends looking forward to visit, and friendly readers looking for advice. opinions may vary, but this is mine.

– June to October –

it’s hurricane seasons, you might not want to risk it, but it’s a great time to come to provo, there is usually enough warning if a hurricane is coming and it tends to happen closer to september and october. the weather is amazing (ok, hot and humid), and the prices are more affordable, as it is low season.  september and october are very quiet months, and many restaurants chose to close for the season. lobster seasons starts on august 15th, this may vary year to year, and closes on march 31st. if you like lobster, then you might want to take this in consideration too.

– November until Christmas –

it’s a great time for us who live here, it gets more breezy and not as humid as during the summer. but, because of the time change, the sunset is very early, sometimes around 5.30pm. i personally like staying at the beach until late. if you are an early person, prices are still friendly (except for thanksgiving), and it is a more comfortable weather.

don’t miss the conch festival and the caribbean food and wine festival.

– Christmas and New Year –

busy, busy busy, but fun. the weather is great and you will never feel the island packed, but there is a nice atmosphere all around.

don’t miss the maskanoo.

– February to June –

the island is still busy, prices are overall not as high as christmas and new year’s, except for us bank holidays, restaurants and bars are buzzing, and the weather is great. the days start to get longer and it’s not as humid as in the summer. lobster season finishes mid march.

don’t miss the crab festival and the valentines day cup in middle caicos.

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