on instagram lately / 15

mar16-instayet another busy month over here, the move from new orleans, living in an hotel whilst  looking for a place, adapting to life in berkeley, spring, easter with my parents visiting and our new home – it’s been only a week and i’m slowly getting organized and needless to say, excited to finally get in a routine. we’ve been finding pretty amazing spots around the bay area and can’t wait to share some of our adventures – in the meantime follow along instagram here.

on another note, what do you think about instagram changing it’s feed? hopefully it will be good for the community and make users interact more with one another, what do you say?

julia 07 / 52

julia-0752we’ve been slowly exploring the bay area, and we’re both excited to see so many great ice cream shops.  we took this picture the other day at the little giant ice cream, a delicious ice cream store in oakland, so good it can be dangerous! and yet again she was in her happy place, and during a move, she needs a lot of that. also, needless to say those chairs were a huge hit. ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter at age 2