julia 07 / 52

julia-0752we’ve been slowly exploring the bay area, and we’re both excited to see so many great ice cream shops.  we took this picture the other day at the little giant ice cream, a delicious ice cream store in oakland, so good it can be dangerous! and yet again she was in her happy place, and during a move, she needs a lot of that. also, needless to say those chairs were a huge hit. ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter at age 2

6 thoughts on “julia 07 / 52

  1. She is just looking SO grown up!! I’m in love with those chairs too! Ice cream touring sounds like Ella’s idea of heaven haha, wish we could be joining you guys!!!

  2. Que amor!!! Não se aguenta. E adoro o enquadramento da fotografia com a Paramount no background! xxx

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