our new home in berkeley

new-berkeley-home-by-myseastory-5it;s ovine weekend, finally, and i couldn’t be more excited about it. we’ve been living in an hotel for the past month or so. we’ve had a grew time and feel lucky about it, but believe me, the glamour of staying in an hotel fades away after the first few days.

finding a place in berkeley / oakland turned out to be way harder than i expected, there is a lot of demand, few places available and very few have updated looks. most places are small, have only one bathroom for two bedrooms (this is somewhat deal breaker for us) and many have shared laundry areas. i normally go for the house / apartment with character, walking distance to a park, grocery store and coffee shops. but often these places come with maintenance problems. so this time i’m trying a brand new apartment, not much character in it, but showering where no one’s ever showered before? that’s a good feeling :)

these are the 4 things i like about it – 1) the light that comes in to every room 2) the brand new kitchen, not as dark as most apartments we’ve seen 3) the bathroom tiles and floors 4) the two balconies where i can see myself chilling during julia’s naps. the common areas in the building are pretty cool too and the rooftop can be used for bbq’s, there’s lot’s of sofas and comfy pillows (will show you this some other time).

i managed to sneak in our apartment before all the boxes arrived, and snapped a few pictures if you would like to see.

new-berkeley-home-by-myseastory-3new-berkeley-home-by-myseastory-12 new-berkeley-home-by-myseastory-6 new-berkeley-home-by-myseastory-4new-berkeley-home-by-myseastory-13new-berkeley-home-by-myseastory-7new-berkeley-home-by-myseastory-1

ps – when we moved to our new home in new orleans

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