torrisi / new york

last night after blogshop, james and i went to torrisi, for our good bye dinner in new york. i had read about it here and added it to my to do list in ny. we went early and were lucky to get a table, as they don’t accept reservations. during the day its a deli sandwich spot, and at night they have a set menu that changes every day. it’s my kind of place, brick walls decorated with italian products, a cosy atmosphere, fancy but informal.

the best part? dinner itself – a home made warm mozzarela, followed by three other starters to share, my favourite were the sea scallops with fermented rabe. For pasta we had gnocchi with katz pastrami with a great mustardy flavour, and as a main dish a very light striped bass with pickled tomatoes. From the selection of pastries we had for desert…I am still thinking of the chocolate mint patties…yumm!

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