fish pie

ever since i arrived to turks and caicos i’ve been trying to cook more. back home life was such a rush that i ended up improvising last minute. so i decided it was time to start cooking grown up food!

this fish pie recipe from jamie oliver is one of my favourite meals so far, i love that it has so much fish, it reminds me of a real home cooked meal, and its so different from what i would’ve cooked myself.

i’m desperately looking for more fish recipes, so if you have any suggestions, i would love to give them a try!

5 thoughts on “fish pie

  1. Yummy! it was very good as usual… we had it with a condiment that we noticed during our travels to Southeast Asia last December when we visited Angkor Wot in Cambodia and the whole of Vietnam from Hanoi down to Saigon plus visited a very special island called Phu Quoc. The condiment is a mixture of lime juice with salt and pepper. try it…

  2. que bom princesa!!! tantas saudades de falarmos! Não a apanho no skype. Tudo bem consigo e com o James? Bjs aos dois

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