provo quick fact


i thought i would start a series of quick facts about provo, they don’t make long interesting stories, but are mostly curious facts about provo and our island life.

today’s provo quick fact is more on the interesting side, than the curious ones to come.

the turks and caicos islands (tci) is a british protectorate, which means our sovereign is queen elizabeth ii, and her representative here is governor gordon wetherall,who gained political control in august 2009. this was when britain imposed direct rule over its dependency, after allegations of ministerial corruption.

damian r todd, who is  is currently britain’s ambassador to warsaw, will succeed gordon wetherell, and he is expected to take up the post in september this year.

for more information about the tci governor click here.

watch out for the curious facts to come!

2 thoughts on “provo quick fact

  1. joana com imagens destas vou visitar-te 2 semanas!!!! Qto custa o avião!!!!!!????????????? tenho muitas saudades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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