i found these great prints through chelsea‘s pinterest – what a great way to keep your beach collections!

jennifer, from quercus design, collects these goods on her walks, photographs them, and sells the prints on etsy too.

i also like her shark tooth heart and sea urchin prints – how simple and pretty are they!

sand dollars

there are three things that i absolutely love about turks and caicos (besides all these) – star fish, remember how they tickled in my hands when i held them? – turtles, james sees them all the time on his dive outings and i get crazy jealous – and sand dollars.

i have been looking for sand dollars for more than a year now and had only found them in souvenir shops. obviously,  i’ve been looking in the wrong places, because everyone seems to see them all the time…

but last weekend, james and i were going for a walk and he found three in a row!

they are funny creatures, so, so pretty and difficult to imagine how they function. they are related to starfish and sea urchins – i did find a video with a sand dollar moving across the sand, you must watch it  HERE.