his dive story

Hi everyone, I’m back!

There are times when I wish I hadn’t gone diving as the weather, yes, does get bad and worse, there is no sunshine! Well this past Sunday was amazing…. It was by far one the best days in a couple of months and mind you I only go on Sundays….

Dave, the boat captain and owner of Provo Turtles, asked me where I wanted to go and I said Northwest Point and that was it. There was only 5 of us on the boat which is GREAT!

Our first dive as at a site called two steps and I went deep (42m) and got narc…. What a great feeling! The second dive didn’t have a name and it was near the canyons. We all jumped in and it was an amazing dive with great viz but it was at the end of the dive that made it all worthwhile for all of us….

We came upon a group of tiny red squids and they were not shy and loved the attention from all of us, especially the ones with cameras. We were all obsessed with getting that perfect shot! And so here are mine including a short video… enjoy!


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