two years in turks and caicos

two years ago today, i first arrived to provo, and i had no idea what awaited me. honestly, my first year was not easy, too many island life expectations to manage – and the thought that it would be easier than anyone told me. i felt isolated, island life was way too quiet and i missed the buzz of city life. not to mention, that i was now living in a more than 24 hours away from home, in a new place with no family or friends, other than my – fiancé at the time – james.

but time heals everything, and by the end of my first year i came to realized how lucky i am, to have this opportunity – living so close to the sea, in such a beautiful island, with a quality of life i would not have in many other places, getting to know new friends from different cultures, and experiencing what most of my friends and family from back home would dream of.

i am enjoying life here and try to make the most of it every day… after all, i can’t complain. THANK YOU TURKS AND CAICOS, for two wonderful years, filled with special moments, and for teaching me so much. i am ready for more!!

ps – my post a year ago today, if you would like to read my thoughts at the time.

picture of long bay beach

turks and caicos through your eyes

i always love seeing turks and caicos through other peoples’ eyes, i love it when we have friends over and they get excited with views i might take for granted. perhaps there is a lot that i am missing.

my jaw dropped when i found bea’s blog, la tartine gourmand. i almost can’t believe her pictures of our islands – is this  really where i live!?

check out her gorgeous pictures and head over here to read more on her family vacation in turks and caicos, their stay in long bay area and visit to north caicos government farm, plus a delicious eggplant recipe she made after visiting the farm!