turks and caicos beaches // long bay

every time i leave provo, i feel somewhat nostalgic… and on the day i leave i always go for a quick visit to the beach near home. but this time, for a change, i went to long bay beach.

we don’t usually go to long bay, we seem to forget it when deciding what beach to go to.

but when we have guests coming to visit i always take them there and they love it. the beach is gorgeous, it is almost always deserted and so easy to fall in love with.

here, the water is very shallow, it is sometimes windy, and perfect for kite surfers.

i love these palm trees on the beach too, don’t you? it makes it look so dreamy!

5 thoughts on “turks and caicos beaches // long bay

  1. this is a kite surfer’s paradise… very shallow sandy bottom and breezy. i took my lessons there. take a fall and all you have to do is stand up!

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