are you a yoga girl?

i remember giving it a try, in my early twenties, and just deciding this is just not my thing. ever since, the exercise i’ve done always included loud music and lots of action.

but then i read this post about feeling better about your body, which lead me to this other post about finding balance, and it made me think… a couple of friends told me about their yoga classes here in provo – so i gave it a try, and now i am addicted. i can’t believe it was the same ME who said this was not my thing. i love it that i am actually exercising and relaxing at the same time.

i like going to the athletic club in saltmills and to the exhale spa at the gansenvoort.

why not give it a try, there will be two free yoga classes by david bowen at the graceway sports centre on november 26 and december 17 @ 10.30. see here the pictures from the first one last saturday.

picture found here

happy weekend + a few things

did  you see my first guest post on my blogshop friend, emily’s blog earlier this week?

happy weekend everyone! on monday its human rights international day, so we get a longer one!

…also, there are a few things going on in provo soon:

last week i helped out a friend at the tcspca, its amazing all the volunteer work they do to help save so many animals in turks and caicos, and they are organizing a beach bbq at bay bistro on November 10th at 7pm, the tickets are on sale in their office. its the least we can do!

remember my post on the fort george beach party, i totally recommend it, the next one will be on sunday 30 october, from noon until sundown, check here for more info.

tomorrow i am going to a free yoga class by david bowen at 10.30, its organized by the graceway sports centre and power 92.5, check the event on facebook here and sign up too. there will be a couple more!