wishlist # 1

i have recently realized how much more excited i get when i find a clutch i like than an actual handbag. maybe it’s because of island life, it’s just easy to have what i need in a handy clutch or pouch, than having to carry a handbag every where i go. plus, they are perfect for our all year round summer evenings. these are a few of my favourites right now – j

1. clare vivier striped trinity clutch from anthropologie – 2. peach and platinum large clutch from shawn burke – 3. large flat zip pouch in vermillion tie dye from tracey tanner – 4. fuschia color block pouch from celine – 5. gold dotted clutch from poketo – 6. invitation clutch in colorblock (on sale!!) from j.crew.

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swim to me

if you’ve been following me for a while you know i love anything sea related – i stumbled upon this cool print by leah dent and wish it could swim all the way to my walls in turks and caicos…

see more of her work here.

gone fishing

we love eating grilled sardines in the summer, i’m a big fan, it’s a very portuguese thing, plus they’re  super healthy.

a few weeks ago i stumbled upon these ones hand painted in perfection by marina, the owner of mageiko arte batik.

this one came with me to turks and caicos – i’m pretty in love with them all!