our first month in berkeley

IMG_1983…or how we lived in an hotel for a month.

when we moved to new orleans we stayed at an airbnb for our first month, it worked just fine, but this time around we were lucky to stay at the claremont resort & spa, a fairmont hotel. whilst it was hard not to have our own home (and kitchen!), amongst other things, it was really nice not having to clean or cook for a month. and actually, we felt like we were on a long vacation in our new city.

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julia 12 / 52

julia-1252 it scares me how much she is growing into a little girl, she understands me and communicates more than ever, even if sometimes she has her own little language, which is hilarious, and she no longer calls herself Xixu, she is finally Julia (also, she is begging to go to pre-school, and the waiting lists in berkeley are killing me!) ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter at age 2