shaya / new orleans

shaya-by-myseastory-1 we’ve been living in new orleans for 2 month now, and we’re slowly trying out new restaurants, and creating my list of favorite spots in the city (a little bit like my turks & caicos guide). shaya is definitely on top of the list to take friends and family visiting. you would’ve never guessed but this new favorite of mine, featuring modern israeli cuisine, is not really what you’d think to find in new orleans.

chef alon shaya has won the james beard award for 2014, and shaya, the restaurant, won the best new restaurant in america by esquire – no wonder everyone in new orleans talks about it.

shaya-by-starchefslucky me, it is located only a few blocks from home, and the restaurant is casual enough that i can bring julia for lunch. we ordered a few things to share and a hot moroccan green tea flavored with mint and honey to drink as we sat outside in their patio, it was one of those sunny chilli days. the freshly baked pita bread, baked in their wood fired pizza oven, was constantly being ‘refilled’ popping hot, and delicious.

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about our first weeks in new orleans

new-orleans-by-myseastory-13our first few weeks in new orleans went by sooo fast! we arrived on a sunday evening (3 days later due to tropical storm joaquin), we were exhausted from the delay in our plans and from the trip. james went straight to work the next morning, and julia and i ventured into exploring the neighborhood.

new-orleans-by-myseastory-1we rented a place on airbnb for our first month, so we could explorethe different neighborhoods before choosing a long term rental. i searched for our temporary home like crazy – i knew i wanted a place close to whole foods, coffee shops and restaurants – until i finally found the perfect little nola house close to magazine street and a few block away from kindred studios, where i could go exercise with julia. score!

new-orleans-by-myseastory-4 new-orleans-by-myseastory-3 new-orleans-by-myseastory-2we’ve been taking it easy, trying to keep julia on her schedule and finding a balance between doing her favorite things, driving around to explore the city, house hunting, and also trying out a few new restaurants and spots.

julia and i have been strolling around a lot, and we never get tired (or better, i never get tired) of walking around and looking at all the beautiful houses, most of them with rocking chairs in their porch – exactly like i had imagined it, but better.

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