a cup of pukka

earlier this month in london, when staying at my friend’s place, we had a cup of pukka tea every night before going to bed. they are delicious organic herbal teas, and there is one to match every mood. i fell in love with the packaging and tea was perfect to put me asleep with my jet lag.

i bought a lemon green for myself and my mum is loving the morning time i got her for christmas.

a great spot in cambridge

when in london last week, rita and i took the train and spent the day in cambridge – it was the perfect day out, 1 hour away and we were in the country side, visiting friends, surrounded by nature and beautiful colleges that easily encourage studying and remind you of harry potter.

before heading back to london we had the best tea and scones..with clotted dream! we loved this spot, bill’s, it made us want to hang out for hours chatting, eating and drinking.

it was like a mini vacation during our vacation…don’t you love daytrips?

i still have a few things to share from our short trip to london – and a guest post about it coming soon!