i know, i know… i’ve been blogging very little lately – been busy running around lisbon visiting friends and family and running boring errands. i had an awesome long weekend with my family in london and now i’m enjoying my city as much as i can before going back to turks and caicos.

the weather is amazing, it feels like spring and lisbon has this beautiful light – it’s one of my favourite things about it, it’s light, the tagus river, the cool trams, the calçadas (portuguese sidewalks), the best seafood in the world, and so much more. it’s a small city, so rich in culture, with lot’s much to do, so close to the beach and i love it!

this is one of lisbon’s lifts, kind of a tram, but it goes up and down the hill – it’s the coolest public transportation method i know! did you know lisbon is also know as the city of the seven hills? so these are kinda handy.

image via four seasons ritz lisbon