blogshop mondays


after the blogshop weekend, i thought i would start a new weekly series with guest posts by the awesome and creative bloggers i met in new york.

i am excited about this little project and having my new blog friends participate – so check back on mondays to see what ny blogshoppers are up to, and enjoy!

in the meantime, i hope this makes you smile!

animation picture by angela


i am officially a blogshop graduate!!

i had the most amazing learning weekend with bri, angela and bekka, as well as an awesome group of creative bloggers – we had lots of fun learning, laughing, blogging and posing! stebs took some great pictures that i can’t wait to share and we had delicious lunch from radish!

any european bloggers out there? angela and bri are coming to berlin and paris very soon – don’t miss out!

blogshopping in ny

you cannot imagine how excited i am to attend blogshop in new york this weekend… i have been dreaming to go since their first blogshop in la…and i can finally make it in ny!

i can’t wait to meet my favourite photographer and blogger (angela from angela and  ithyle + bri from designlovefest), i follow their blogs daily – so i really look forward to…lots o’bloggin!

pics via desiglovefest