food adventures in peru

pervian food was a big plus in our trip, they have the freshest fish, fruits and vegetables. did you know that potatoes originated in peru and they have 3000 different types? they also have more than 80 different types of quinoa!

…left to right, top to botton: ceviche from cevicheria don pedrito at the mistura food fair in lima, delicious alpaca carpaccio from el huacatay restaurant in urubamba, beef heart skewers from anticuchos de la tia grima in lima, prickly pear and custard apple juice, fresh in every corner, market and restaurant throughtout peru

this time i made an effort to be (a little!) more adventurous in regards to food and i actually tried beef heart…guinea pig…and alpaca!!


i am finally sharing a few pictures from our trip to peru – i must say its the perfect holiday destination, with a lot of history, rich culture, the nicest people and delicious food (more on this soon!). we spent a couple of days in lima, which is said to be the gastronomic capital of south america, and four more days in the sacred valley. here, we stayed in the lovely and unspoiled town of urubamaba, at the tambo del inka, a unique hotel with its own private train station that takes you all the way to machu picchu!

machu picchu is breathtaking, just being there, 2430m above sea level, and staring at this city built by the incas is so fulfilling – no one really knows how they did it and it is said that they had supernatural powers to be able to build this enormous structures. we stayed a whole day exploring, taking pictures, wondering around and making the most out of it. unfortunately we missed the hike to huayna picchu (the mountain in the pic), as they limit the access to 400 people daily – it must have an amazing view!

the maras salt mines are also located in the sacred valley, near the town of maras. these salt evaporation ponds are managed by the local community and have been used since pre-incan times.

the archeological inca site of moray was used for agricultural purposes, can you believe there are up to 15C difference between the top and deeper crop terraces?

there are so many other places we would’ve liked to visit in peru, i hope we can go back some day to titicaca lake, nazca lines, amazon, and so on…

one month to go

those of you who know me well, know i have a fling for south america, and i’m always dreaming of traveling through this continent – the culture, the people, the food, i love it all.

today i start my countdown for our next vacation – next stop peru!

don’t you love the days before a trip, when you have so much to look forward to, you are already traveling whilst planning where to go.

any tips on peru? would love to hear them!

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