book obsession

one of the best feelings ever, when you’re reading a book you like so much you can’t stop, but don’t want to finish either  – i am reading one of those right now!

i must’ve been indian in another life, because i just can’t get enough of indian books. my favourites? the white tiger by aravind ariga, passion india by javier moro, shantaram by gregory david roberts, and i can’t get my eyes of unaccustomed earth by jhumpa lahiri.

check out kimia’s blog for a great experience in india – i’m kind of jealous!

image via somewhere north, author unknown

what will i read next

i have many times asked myself.

usually i ask my friends for recommendations or i ask my mum, or the easy way is going for writers that i like.

but the link that i found through a cup of jo is so handy and perfect for reading suggestions.

you just have to click on what will i read next and type in the book you are reading, you will then have a list of suggestions to read! isn’t it smart?