the mill sf


i’ve been going through a tough blog phase, trying to live life on a more personal way, truly enjoying spending time with my daughter and cherishing my moments alone (= binging on books lately), but the truth is sometimes i do miss blogging, for me, as my diary and my way to register my life… so i might be popping in and out around here :)

this year i’m determined to explore more of San Francisco – we live in Berkeley, which is about 14miles (22km) and there’s plenty to explore here but i’m on a mission to experience a few cool spots on the west bay too.

the mill was probably the first coffee shop i went to in SF, i couldn’t believe its simple yet brilliant concept, they brew amazing coffee and bake exceptionally good bread. their toasts are delicious and vary everyday – look at that ricotta and pesto one below. i have yet to try their pizza night too, on every monday and wednesday.

i keep coming back, i love the feeling of being in a place where no one knows me, and at the same time i feel at home there.


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