the raleigh hotel / miami

raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-12when travelling from turks and caicos to portugal or back, we like making a pit stop in miami for a night. it helps break the long trip, plus, shopping is great and so is the food. we’ve been doing this for almost 5 years, so miami feels a little bit like our second home. we’ve stayed at several hotels, some we really like, some not that much. but our favorite by far is the raleigh hotel.


the hotel is glamorous, yet unpretentious. it’s the ultimate classic art deco hotel, with impeccable design (dating 1940).

the staff are so friendly and always so accommodating of julia. for us, it makes it so much easier when they’re kid friendly.

raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-3raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-9 raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-6


the hotel is located on the beach, and at perfect walking distance to shops, cafes, and bars, just a block away from lincoln road.

they have a coffee shop by the entrance, so handy for a quick pick me up on the way out – with coffees, juices, fruits and a few goodies to go.

raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-2raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-7 raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-8 raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-4

and the restaurant is run by our favorite chef and restaurateur, michael schwartz, from michael’s genuine restaurants. it goes without saying my favorite meal is breakfast and brunch, which usually last all morning, sitting  under the trees by their iconic pool.


we don’t usually hit the beach, but last time we checked it out and they even have a cute little beach playground for kids, julia loved it :)

raleigh-hotel-by-myseastory-10sometimes we also stay at their sister property, the rebury south beach hotel, just across the street, a smaller hotel, but more modern and with larger rooms, we feel at home here too.

ps – other great places we’ve stayed before

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