SoCal – fave shopping

these are my fave shopping spots in SoCal;

The Lab – Anti Mall, has become the creative heart of the Sobeca arts district in Costa Mesa. we came here for a yummy brunch at the Gypsy Den and loved the atmosphere.

The Farmer’s Market, where you can find awesome shops, restaurants and grocery stores, is right next to The Grove. this is the place to go if you love shopping and hate malls, like me!

American Rag Cie , founded by Mark Werts, is one of the most innovative and trendsetting stores in California. you can shop and eat, new and old, for her and for him. don’t miss out on this cool shop if you’re around La Brea Ave.

See’s Candies, California’s famous old time candies, was founded in 1921 and it till keeps its original image and quality. thankfully I don’t have a See’s store near home, otherwise I know I would be there too often! my favourite is the caffe latte lollypop!

Just for fun the episode from I Love Lucy for which Lucy and Ethel trained at See’s Candy Factory. The lady in the episode was an employee at See’s.

One thought on “SoCal – fave shopping

  1. I love See’s. It’s so old school, pre-Godiva … I remember getting a box of the toffee-ettes when i was young which were individually wrapped in gold tin foil.

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