julia 04/52

julia-0452julia at age 1 – walking barefoot on the sand, running towards the waves, falling down, getting wet and sand all over her, and start again. happiness ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter


events in turks and caicos you don’t want to miss

turks-and-caicos-events-by-myseastory-10i often think of the best time to travel to turks and caicos, and although the weather might be the main factor influencing your decision, there are happenings in provo that i wouldn’t want to miss – that is, if you’re looking to experience the local culture too.

these ones you shouldn’t miss –  Continue reading

20 quick facts on turks and caicos

turks-and-caicos-facts-by-myseastoryok, this one is definitely for those who don’t live here. every time i meet someone off island and i tell them we live in turks and caicos, we get the usual questions – how big is the island? how many people live there? where does the name turks and caicos come from? is it british or american? Continue reading

the 5 most read posts of 2014

a few of your favorite posts from 2014, if you’d like to see – my-sea-story-living-in-turks-and-caicos-with-a-babymy life in turks and caicos with a baby – the pros and cons of island life (for me) with a newborn

my-sea-story-parrot-cay-1our wedding anniversary weekend – a 20 minuted boat ride away, we escaped with julia to parrot cay

2014-02-08-myseastoryjulia – the most challenging and rewarding time of my life, almost a year ago

my-sea-story-1910 days in turks and caicos – what we did when my family came to visit in turks & caicos

my-sea-story-33copenhagen – our 4 day baby friendly trip we did last summer

christmas in turks and caicos


how do we spend christmas in turks and caicos? it sure is different than in the city, with cold (and cozy) weather, enjoying time together by the fire place and eating roasted chestnuts.

it’s warm and sunny, there is little or no shopping, and we’re in flip flops and short sleeves all day. and because most of us are here without our families, we stick together and enjoy spending christmas with close friends. Continue reading