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sorry for the late postings friends, just been having some pretty busy days, but can’t wait to come back on schedule soon!! ♥ ♥

turks and caicos bucket list

james and i are excited and sad about the news – i knew that the day would come, when we would have to move…and some told me it would happen when i felt the happiest on island – and how right they were. we have a lot to do before we leave and hope to make the best out our last days in provo.

so, i made a short bucket list of things i have been postponing since day one, and want to fit in before we leave –

* go parasailing, and face the fear of heights

* eat out at coco bistro, trip advisor’s number one restaurant in provo

* dive with james, and hope i don’t get to see any sharks

* cross the ferry, and go cycling with friends through north and middle caicos

* explore the one spot on island i haven’t been to, the remote beach in west harbor

* visit our capital city, cockburn town, in the island of grand turk

* go to salt cay, for humpback whale watching

* take james on an helicopter tour of the islands

* and the hardest one…get my father to come visit!

so, provo friends, what are the things you still want to do whilst on island – spill the beans!

picture of grace bay beach, news for april fools day (but seriously, this is all on my bucket list).

commonwealth day

2013-03-25-commonwealth daysorry i’ve been so MIA friends…i can’t believe how time flies, we’re already in spring – not that we notice any change in weather, or even look forward to the change of season*, here on island. provo is very busy, with spring break and now easter, the hotels are full, but the beaches are still quiet… the perks of turks and caicos!

luckily for us, today is a bank holiday, we are celebrating commonwealth day – so we have a three day working week! hope you have a lovely week ahead, my friends!

* ok, we do look forward to spring and a warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, so we can go on long weekends to new york :)

ps – i took this picture last week in chalk sound

his dive story / 43

It’s me again after a couple of weeks off diving due to a flu and bad sea conditions. In fact, we still have not dived out in Grace Bay at all as the sea has been very rough coming from the north. The water temp has dropped to about 25c and I have been wearing my 7mm suit. I am starting to enjoy using my new camera gear setup and playing with the wide angle lens. I think I need to get the dome next! :)

These pics show the different types of sea creatures we have in abundance. I love the crab. The picture does not do any justice to the size of this crab as it was BIG and missing one giant claw! It was not shy at all and wasn’t bothered that I was trying to get a close up.

The blue and black fishes that you see are really pretty to look at and I have not seen them in a group like that before.

And then those baby blue parrot fishes are definitely feeding off the corals. They are so cool to watch when they swim together in a big group.

Enjoy and until next time, hopefully, we will get to dive Grace Bay again.

 read more his dive story posts over here – james

ps – lion fish, an invasive species.

island fish fry

last week we headed to the bight for dinner at the weekly fish fry, we had heard so much about it, we were dying to try it out.

the fish fry is a new event, held every thursday, organized by the tourist board and lime, and featuring local music and food.

there was music, dance – and my favourite, junkanoo – and food stalls from most of the island restaurants featuring local food – fried fish, cracked conch, jerk chicken or fried lobster with rice and peas, mac and cheese, corn on the cob or fried plantain.

it was packed, with locals, residents and tourists, so i recommend going early.

head over for more pictures and also a great post on the weekly fish fry.

picture taken by james of henry the conch and me.