his dive story / 45

2013-04-03-his-dive-story-iIt’s been a while since I did a post on our favorite Caribbean reef sharks but I felt compelled to do one after this past Sunday’s dive at West Caicos. We were at the Gully and immediately after I descended (first one to splash), there were 4 sharks swimming around me.

It was very thrilling even though I tend to take these predators for granted as we see them quite often in most of our dives around the TCI but for some reason today, it felt different….They appear to be bigger than the usual ones I normally see!! Help!  LOL!

2013-04-03-his-dive-story-11They were still curious and swam by us a few times. There was one that came straight at me to test me but I held my ground at the last minute and it just turned to the side. Whew! Enjoy the vids and pics.

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happy easter weekend

happy easter weekend friends! we are having a four day weekend, and for the first time we are not taking advantage of our days off to travel. we are staying home, and feel quite happy to have a long relaxing weekend on island.

i always miss my family during this holidays. we have the tradition of getting together to spend easter weekend at our family home in the north of portugal – we eat, drink, go for long walks, shop at the local market, and spend hours chatting by the fireplace with a glass of port wine!

so i try to make up for it with fun things to do on island. we went for drinks to the new bar that opened this week, right next to lemon 2 go cafe, – the sandbar – this place is going to be the perfect spot for pre and after dinner drinks. also we have booked to go for a special easter dinner at the new italian restaurant that is now open in grace bay area – via veneto – i am so excited to try it out!

wishing you all have an amazing weekend, hopefully with a bit os sun too! xx – j

ps – last year’s easter weekend in provo

his dive story / 44

Another awesome day diving at Northwest Point. We had been diving mostly West Caicos, the Channel and French Cay lately as the north side of Provo has been battered with strong surges.

The first dive was at Amphitheater and it is by far one of my favorite dive sites as the reef wall just drops and drops in what appears to be like seats at an amphitheater. We did the right wall this time and it was amazing with just about the right amount of sunlight coming down.

The second dive was at Thunderdome, which was once a location of a French tv show similar to Survivor. The structure has all crumbled but the sea life there is great. We usually stop by here after doing our wall dive.

I tried to stack my macro lens to catch these little fishes call blenny. I am trying to catch them when they shoot out as you can see the entire length of their body. Really cool but next time!

Enjoy the video and pics. Soon, it will be time to start wearing my 3mm but for now at 25c, I am still on 7mm.  :)

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