and speaking of safety, one thing i find amazing in all beaches around provo, is how no one gets in the sand with their flip flops on – every beach you go, you will find sandals and flip flops by the entrance (you will know how busy the beach is too!).

i remember being one of the first things i noticed when i first arrived – you can really trust that your flip flops will still be there when you leave the beach. i haven’t seen this any where else!

also, i love the fact that everyone says hi and smiles at you, do you have this in other beaches? it’s kind of, oh we’re at the same beach, so we have this in common, let me say hi! i think it’s kind of nice.

safe provo

we have safer beaches now  – how cool is our police in providenciales?

provo is quite a safe island, we feel very safe living here – leaving the car doors unlocked and the windows open almost everywhere we go. our friends even park their cars leaving the keys inside! how far can a stolen car go in the island?

personally i find it very relaxing to go to the beach and leave our belongings behind whilst we’re in the water – in many other beaches around the world this would not be possible.

this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to be careful though, like everywhere else.