turks and caicos bucket list

james and i are excited and sad about the news – i knew that the day would come, when we would have to move…and some told me it would happen when i felt the happiest on island – and how right they were. we have a lot to do before we leave and hope to make the best out our last days in provo.

so, i made a short bucket list of things i have been postponing since day one, and want to fit in before we leave –

* go parasailing, and face the fear of heights

* eat out at coco bistro, trip advisor’s number one restaurant in provo

* dive with james, and hope i don’t get to see any sharks

* cross the ferry, and go cycling with friends through north and middle caicos

* explore the one spot on island i haven’t been to, the remote beach in west harbor

* visit our capital city, cockburn town, in the island of grand turk

* go to salt cay, for humpback whale watching

* take james on an helicopter tour of the islands

* and the hardest one…get my father to come visit!

so, provo friends, what are the things you still want to do whilst on island – spill the beans!

picture of grace bay beach, news for april fools day (but seriously, this is all on my bucket list).