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i’m back in provo, just made a quick stop in new york on the way here – a stress (pollution and confusion) fix before heading to the quiet island life is always a good idea.

the weather was amazing, luckily, because i’m not sure i could get used to freezy days anymore. i got to see a broadway show i had on the pipeline for a while, the book of mormon. did a little shopping…i had been anxiously waiting for the summer collections! and meet up with friends for brunch at the fat radish, the breslin and abc kitchen.

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a few things {new york}

i know, i know, i’ve been a terrible blogger…but i haven’t stopped lately, and it’s been real good to have a break from the computer, the internet and the so on.

anyway, i’m back! i’m in lisbon, but before i tell u about my stay i wanted to share a few pictures from my trip to new york last week. it was a quick stop, but still managed to get a few things done.

i shopped and loved all the christmas decorations – my jaws dropped with some of the window shops – have you seen bergdorf goodman’s? (sorry, no good picture on those, this one is from american eagle outfitter‘s)

i stocked up on nail varnish and a few other things i miss in turks and caicos.

as i craved burgers and pizza, stopped by pulino’s and bare burger – see my sticky fingers?

hello echo

i’m in new york for a couple of days before flying back to europe… i can’t wait to see all the christmas decorations, do a little shopping and catch up with family and friends. it’s weird to switch from shorts, flip flops and bikini to boots, sweater and scarf – but  a month without mosquitoes sounds pretty good!

i took this picture in madison square park last time i was in new york, the serene looking statue by spanish artist jaume plensa. it’s kind of magical, you can’t stop but be attracted to it – and it looks like it’s not really there. hve you seen it?

more on echo here

doughnut plant / new york

i have to share this sweet spot i stumbled upon whilst in ny…

these gourmet donuts from doughnut plant are the best i’ve ever had – i am still dreaming about the valrhona chocolate one!

another sweet spot was eileen chesecakes, delicious mini cheesecakes, how cute is that – my favourite? the pecan! (sorry…no pic, great excuse to go back!)

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