made in provo

jennifer maude designjust a few weeks ago i met jen from jennifer maude design. jen is gorgeous, super friendly,  and so, so talented. when i first arrived to provo, i remember seeing her art up at the grace bay club and at maxime’s (these ones and this one) and was totally impressed!

jennifer maude design

jen has been painting all her life, starting her studies as an apprentice in new zealand when she was only 12. she has been in provo, working as an artist since 2006.

“I try and bring my ethos of sustainability into everything I create; this is evident in my purses made from upcycled fabrics, my handbound books, and my work with driftwood” she says.

jennifer maude design

recently i have been loving jen’s purses, she was selling a few at the art and craft expo in turtle cove, together with handmade christmas cards and tags, beach mobiles and hand bound books.

how great are all these? you can contact her and see more of her work here.

all images by jen